We have a variety of Graduate and Entry Level opportunities available in several regional locations.


    A successful career in physical trading requires a long term commitment to all the elements of the production and trading process as well as a keen interest in this truly exciting and dynamic industry. Trafigura continues to grow in all areas of the supply chain with our global office structure complementing our market strength in a range of commodities including: copper, lead, zinc, refined metals, coal, and iron ore.

    Apprenticeship Graduates


    A successful career in physical trading requires a comprehensive appreciation of the entire trade process, from the exposures associated with trading barrels in global markets, to the financing required to leverage a deal, to the operational logistics of managing a fleet of vessels.

    Apprenticeship Graduates

About Us

Trafigura is one of the world's leading independent commodity trading and logistics houses. Our business is advancing trade for a growing array of customers and counterparties around the world. The company directly employs over 8,000 people through a network of 167 offices in 58 countries. We source, store, blend and deliver essential raw materials and commodities. In 2013, we traded 117.8 million tonnes of oil and petroleum products and 32.9 million tonnes of non-ferrous and bulk commodities. We operate responsibly, adding real value for our clients, our stakeholders and our shareholders. Founded in 1993, the company is owned by its founding shareholders and senior management. It has achieved substantial growth in recent years, growing turnover from USD18 billion in 2004 to USD133 billion in 2013.


Our 'Future Talent' development programmes have been designed to identify and develop the strongest candidates with the highest potential, providing immediate and thorough exposure to some of the most exciting, interesting and successful trading and financing strategies on the global market coupled with the support and training that is required to flourish. The environment is highly demanding and candidates who approach the learning process with real passion and commitment will quickly see the benefits of gaining an established foundation from which to catapult their career.