Oil and its derivatives



Trafigura es una empresa líder en el comercio de materias primas (“commodities trading”).

A través de nuestra red de 81 oficinas en 56 países, suministramos, almacenamos, mezclamos y enviamos materias primas y productos básicos esenciales a clientes en todo el mundo. Estas materias primas incluyen petróleo crudo y productos derivados, concentrados no ferrosos, metales refinados y carbón.

En el año 2012, comercializamos 102,8 millones de toneladas de crudo y productos derivados y enviamos pedidos por 34.9 millones de toneladas de concentrados no ferrosos y otros productos básicos a granel. Operamos con responsabilidad, ofreciendo verdadero valor agregado a nuestros clientes, partes interesadas y accionistas. Fundada en 1993, la empresa es propiedad de los socios fundadores y altos directivos. En los últimos años, la empresa ha logrado un crecimiento significativo, con un volumen de facturación que pasó de 18 mil millones de dólares estadounidenses en el año 2004 a 120.4 mil millones en el 2012.

A successful career in Trafigura requires a comprehensive appreciation of the entire trade process, from the exposures associated with trading barrels in global markets, to the financing required to leverage a deal, to the operational logistics of managing a fleet of vessels. We therefore consider operations as the "heart" of the physical trading environment. Successful candidates will not only be exposed to the complete chain management of physical trading but will be an active part of the trading environment, developing essential long term skills which will allow them to grow further in the business.

The environment is highly demanding and candidates who approach the learning process with real passion and commitment will quickly see the benefits of gaining an established foundation from which to catapult their career. Candidates will be constantly evaluated in their performance and will be required not only to be accurate in their output but also to be dynamic problem solvers. The role require a high degree of personal communication with both clients and internally within Trafigura.

Each successful candidate will have the opportunity to develop their expertise within Operations  for a minimum of 3 years, after which point those candidates that display the necessary commitment and motivation will have unlimited opportunities to develop within the company globally.

Interview Process

Those invited to interview will be asked to progress through 2 stages which have been designed to identify the highest potential candidate:

  1. 1st Round Interview Assessment: 2 x face to face 40 minute interviews. 2 teams of 2 people (one directly after the other) from Operations globally (which may include a Video Conference with one of our global locations). These will occur in the afternoon, week beginning 22nd July. 
  2. Final Round Interview Assessment: 2 x face to face 40 minute interviews (one directly after the other) with global heads and senior management. These will occur on the weekend of  3rd August.